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About us

Our customers

Customers use Canary software and solutions for process management, industrial control, enterprise administration and custom applications from entrepreneurial start-ups to mission-critical data systems.

Our purpose

Canary has a simple purpose — we are here to help: providing leading software talent, delivering effective technology solutions
with excellent service.

We are constantly working on this with new and innovative solutions, from business consulting to systems integration and custom software development.

The Canary Philosophy

As can be expected, our development team can be pretty enthusiastic about technology — i.e. techno geeky — and we immensely enjoy our role in creating technology and bringing ideas to reality.

Canary's project focus

From the time our clients give agreement to a job, we keep everyone closely engaged throughout the development. Our clients are brought into the project, consulted, and know where things are at. The team working on the project knows what’s going on; objectives are agreed; required components are quickly sourced or developed. Others are ready to provide assistance, debugging and feedback. The project is mapped out and delivered: The client reviews the impressive outcome, and the team is rewarded knowing their software is a success. The client reaps the reward of the successful implementation. Where the project allows, the development team gains bragging rights and kudos amongst their family and all their geeky friends.

If you have a project you would like to discuss — or are a motivated developer and might want to join us — drop us a line via the form below.

How can we help?

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