Enterprise Systems

Unifying Business Processes

Canary’s enterprise solutions are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. Our technology allows you to integrate all of your data systems together creating a solution that supports your business: for example operations, finance, customer relations, human resources, and marketing – all from a unified management system.

The goal of enterprise systems is to streamline your business productivity and improve the quality of decision making by consolidating information across multiple departments, business units and functions.

One of the main challenges faced by businesses today is information fragmentation – the problem of having data tied to different formats, distributed across multiple locations, manipulated by different applications, and residing in a generally disconnected manner. Fragmented information decreases the quality of managerial decision making, decreases operating efficiency, and introduces unnecessary administrative overheads.

Enterprise systems remove the bottlenecks created by fragmented information, optimise business processes and increase productivity through improved communication between departments, suppliers and customers. This creates a more efficient and effective business – by understanding your operating environment and identifying redundant processes, you can utilize intelligent enterprise software to speed up your business organically. To management this means less wasted time, fewer errors, greater productivity and more direct involvement with mission-critical tasks. For staff enterprise systems can reduce stress and workloads, and create a more enjoyable work environment.

Enterprise Systems in Organisations

Every business is unique and selecting the right enterprise system involves understanding your company, its opportunities, challenges, and frustrations. This may mean transitioning from a paper based system (See: Electronic Data Interchange and creating a standardized system for business rules which allows greater communication between business entities. This may also mean consolidating various business functions under one umbrella: for example, integrating supply chain management and accounts within a centralised system to improve your knowledge of suppliers and expenses.

You need to consider an enterprise system if:

  • You want a single, centralised system to manage your business operations and customers
  • You are running multiple information systems but cannot share data between them
  • You want to have streamlined data analysis capabilities in your business
  • Your business departments want to effectively create, store and share information
  • You have a lot of unnecessary manual reprocessing in data entry and data transfer
  • You have large administrative overheads that could be eliminated or cut-down

There are multiple business cases where enterprise systems can introduce cost-savings and optimise operating efficiency – the key is to identify an area of improvement, evaluate whether an enterprise system will add value to your business “as a whole”, and to select a correct solution.

Multiple enterprise systems are available off-the-shelf, but they might not be suitable for your business. Some will require extensive customization to match your business processes, others require a prohibitively large investment, while the rest may simply lack the ability to solve specific organisational problems or seize new opportunities.

Many of these problems can be resolved by investing in a bespoke enterprise system. The major benefit of a tailor-made solution is that it is customized to your business and designed in collaboration with you – the end product is an effective productivity tool that is aligned with the way your organisation functions. As a result, your business invests in a software solution that matches its processes and operations without imposing pre-determined structures, logic or “the right way to do business”.

Bespoke enterprise solutions can also come at a cheaper price point than off-the-shelf solutions. Canary-built software is designed to exact customer specifications targeting key functionality that is required to solve identified problems effectively and efficiently. This approach eliminates the problem of “bloatware" – software systems that are bloated with unnecessary functionality inflating the price of the product but adding no value to your organisation.

Choosing the right enterprise solution takes time and requires a clear understanding of business problems, opportunities and objectives. A correctly designed and implemented enterprise system will support your business by providing it with improved information flows, better analytical capability, augmented internal control and a shared view of reality.

Canary Enterprise Solutions

At Canary, we specialize in bespoke enterprise solutions, covering remodelling of legacy systems or development of completely new software. Implementations of Canary enterprise systems result in reduced costs, fewer errors and increased performance. These solutions can also lead to less stressful and productive work environments.

Our team has experience in enterprise system design, development, and maintenance across a number of technologies. Key types of enterprise systems we have delivered:

  • E-commerce systems for improved sales management
  • Business management solutions for small-and-medium enterprises
  • Chronic disease administration and patient management solutions
  • Government export quota tracking systems
  • Asset tracking systems for vehicle management
  • Back end systems for supplier communication
  • Centralised information stores

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