Vue (Programming Language)

What is Vue?

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework used for building responsive, functional, compact, and progressive user interfaces. The lightweight Vue library provides low level plumbing for front-end web application coding, and can be easily integrated with existing projects.

Vue & Your Business

Vue is component based, which makes it easy to get projects off of the ground and quickly get a front-end up and running.

As Vue is component based, small utilities and can be easily re-built or redesigned. Any changes in business wide design can then easily be updated using Vue.

Why Vue?

  • Vue is used to achieve responsive, modern user interfaces quickly and with simplicity
  • It can be retrofitted into most pre-existing web applications
  • Vue is lightweight, and focuses on the front-end and is component-based, with efficiencies for development
  • There is a range of tools and libraries available for Vue which are supported and widely documented

What does it mean for us?

At Canary, we often leverage the Vue library for our front-end web application components.

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