What is PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is an open source, object-relational database management tool that serves the well-established SQL (Structured Query Language) paradigm common to most relational databases. PostgreSQL provides an enterprise database platform with a deep set of features, and is extremely capable in terms of reliability, maintainability and performance, with a large open-source community dedicated to improvement and innovation.

PostgreSQL as an option for the enterprise

The enterprise attributes of PostgreSQL may allow it for consideration as a lower cost option or alternative to some of the commercial, enterprise offerings, especially where scale might incur significant licensing costs under alternatives such as Oracle or SQL Server — although total cost of ownership and supportability and environmental factors must also be taken into account.

PostgreSQL is open source and has a very active community. It is well documented and there are commercial support options available. There is a major release once a year, with minor releases coming every quarter. It is a very active open-source project, and under constant update and improvement.

Why PostgreSQL?

  • It is developed and released under the open-source PostgreSQL license, which means it is available for use completely without licensing cost regardless of scale — this is also available with the Express versions of SQL Server — but PostgreSQL free licensing doesn't have any constraints regarding growing beyond licensed size limits.
  • The community built around PostgreSQL is wide and there is support available.
  • Works with most modern frameworks, and is compatibility with many parts of our toolset
  • Can operate in a distributed environment
  • Has the required data integrity and scalability features
  • Is an option to consider depending on usage and requirements

What does it mean for us?

At Canary, though we tend to use SQL Server for the majority of our database implementation, we find PostgreSQL an attractive alternative where commercial licensing is projected to be substantial, especially for greenfield projects where there is no other constraining or supportability reason compelling a SQL Server environment.

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