The rise and maturity of the web app

HTML is the foundation of the web, and HTML5 is the current iteration, part of the specification known as the HTML Living Standard.

This iteration of the language of the web has brought huge opportunity because it finally represents a level of 'standards-compliance' across most web browsers.

Why HTML and web apps?

  • It is truly cross-platform, allowing the same web application to be accessed from mobile, from tablets, from desktop, Mac, Windows and Linux, Android or iOS.
  • It allows a fluid, responsive design language
  • It is the clear front runner for multi-platform, cloud-hosted apps

What does it mean for us?

At Canary, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and all the myriad of supporting libraries available for these form part of our ongoing toolbox for generating extremely effective web applications to meet client needs.

  • Almost all target users now have access to a compatible web browser, and that is all they need to access your application
  • The platform has matured sufficiently to allow us to focus on the feature delivery, rather than the nuances of numerous different web browsers and different browsing experiences
  • Users are now familiar with this delivery platform, and there is a much lower learning curve for bringing your idea to a new audience
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