What is SQL Backup Restore?

Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful database system which Canary uses for almost all its data-oriented applications. The SQL Backup Restore tool is a helpful utility which database administrators can use to backup and restore databases with ease.

SQL Backup Restore has the following advantages over a traditional detach/attach operation:

  • Backups are consolidated into a single file — no more hunting around for a missing log file.
  • SQL Backup Restore automatically creates database files at the correct location for your database, you do not need to manually copy them into place.
  • The simple interface allows for a foolproof restore into a new database.

Using SQL Backup Restore

  • Upon running the SQL Backup Restore tool, you will be presented with the following dialog:
  • To perform a backup operation, first specify a database server, the database to backup, and a location on the server file system to save the backup to. Finally, press the Backup Database button to run the backup.
  • To perform a restore operation, specify the server, database name to restore to (can be different to the original backup database name), and the location on the server file system of the backup file. If the database does not yet exist, press Create Database, before using Restore Database.
  • Note that when running a backup or restore on a remote database server, the backup file specified must point to a valid location on the remote server's file system. To restore a backup present on your local computer you must first copy it to a location on the server.
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